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Vetafarm is the leading pharmaceutical manufacture for pet products made in Australia.

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All Vetafarm’s products are regulated by the Australian Government which assures the highest of quality standards and consistency in the products they produce.

Vetafarm products have been sold in the USA for over 25 years and have thousands of loyal customers for one simple reason, because their products work! Others have tried to imitate Vetafarm products over the years without success. Vetafarm is has become known as a leading manufacturer of premium quality bird and pet products in the United States. Their vitamin supplements, medicine and pest control products are of the best available anywhere and are relied upon amongst the avian community, Veterinarian’s and animal enthusiasts worldwide.

Vetafarm Dog Wormer

Vetafarm prides itself on producing the best for your pet, be it a bird, reptile, dog, cat or small mammal. Quality Control is integral to the production process at Vetafarm. We understand that the family pet is exactly that, “family”!!!

Vetafarm Products are also used regularly by Zoos worldwide to develop new ways to help improve zoo animal health. By using their vast knowledge of animal health needs, nutrition requirements and the technical ability to make unique products, Vetafarm are a valuable resource for zookeepers.

Vetafarm Products are sold worldwide with an extensive network of distributors and resellers. They have significant markets in Japan, US, Middle East, Philippines and Indonesia.

Innovation remains the cornerstone of Vetafarm’s success. “All our products stem from a need to help the animal or its keeper” Many specialist lines have been developed for particular animal industries, such as a line of products for dogs and cats, hunting falcons and a full line of pigeon products to serve the specialty racing pigeon, show pigeon and professional pigeon breeders worldwide.

Vetafarm’s premium quality products are engineered and formulated by the owner of the company who is a licensed practicing Veterinarian and one of only 8 practicing “Avian Veterinarians” in the entire country of Australia.

Dr Tony Gestier BVSc, sole owner and director of Vetafarm, has many years experience as a practising veterinarian as well as special qualifications in avian health (MACVSc) and pharmaceutics (BMSc). Under Dr Gestier’s direction Vetafarm has acquired professional production and marketing teams to serve the needs of all our companion animals and their owners.

Finch Supplies

Tony graduated from Sydney University in 1979 (BVSc). He worked for many years in general practice in rural NSW gaining wide experience in the diseases and nutrition of domestic animals. An interest in avian medicine and exotic animal management led to his Australian College of Veterinary Science examinations in Avian Medicine in 1986 (MACVSc).

With the formation of Vetafarm in 1990, Tony was responsible for product development, product manufacture, Quality Control and Product Registration. With the expansion of Vetafarm, Tony also extended his technical expertise into the areas of Pharmaceutical Manufacture (BMSc) and specialist animal nutrition.

During his 20 years as an Avian Veterinarian, Tony has lectured and presented widely, in both Australia and internationally to birdkeepers and Veterinarians on the subjects of avian health, medicine and management.

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