Medications for Birds

Pet birds sound like something fun to have as they are small and usually kept in a cage. They are visually pleasing and are the most congenial pet imaginable. Some people may talk about how low maintenance pet birds are as they don’t keep you awake at night or you don’t have to take them on walks. However, it is important to give your pet birds an environment, where they can enhance their lives and can make use of everyday’s stuff. Additionally it is essential to take care of their well-being to make sure they live a long and healthy life.

When your birds fall sick, it calls for the situation to take them to your vet for some tests and evaluation. After which a medication is prescribed. With appropriate care as directed by the veterinarian for the correct length of time, your birds get able-bodied. Well… that seems much uncomplicated. On the other hand, it is not at all a simple act to choose the right medications for birds. Avian medication world being so confusing, it is suggested to use only veterinarians recommended medications for birds from a well-known brand like Vetafarm.

Vetafarm is one of the most preferred providers of safe and effective medications for birds with a commendable history of providing most appropriate veterinarian recommended drugs to cure birds from different ailments. We at Vetafarm focus on birds which are vulnerable to diseases such as : worms, diarrhea, regurgitating, Passing whole seeds, psittacosis, coccidiosis, mega bacteria in caged and aviary birds and many more.

With the availability of a wide range of avian medications in our store, calling us only a drug supplier would be an understatement. We would rather like to be called as comprehensive bird specialists in medication and understand different situations properly, which has led us to deliver optimum drugs and medicines. Our featured medications for birds are centered at a dynamic approach where you get a choice to buy medicines for your birds in accordance with their types and sizes.

Limited Quantities: All items are subject to quantities on hand. Bulk orders please call for quantity’s & availability. Thank you!

NOTE: Expiry dates are required by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) on all product/labeling being imported into the USA. Expiry dates are used to keep shelf stock fresh mandating a “sell by date”. These dates are not meant to be a “use by” date. Most “un-opened” pet care supplements and medications remain effective for years after the expiry date on the packaging. With the exception of Vetafarm’s Megabac-S or Probiotic, you can use them till they are gone. * It’s a good idea to refrigerate all opened liquids and store powders in a cool dry place or freezer for long term storage. FYI; Do not keep powders in the refrigerator as they will condensate and the moisture will ruin powdered medications.