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HFT Ezybones: The Chewable Heartworm, Tapeworm, and Flea Control Dog Medicine

You likely know how essential it is to protect your furry friend from heartworm, tapeworm, and fleas. These protections go hand in hand, as treatment of one is vital to the treatment of the others. And while there are tricks to get dogs to swallow pills, why make it hard on you or your dog?

That’s why Vetafarm Products created our HFT Ezybones, the chewable dog medicine for flea control, heartworm control, and tapeworm control. With HFT Ezybones, there is no need to blend a pill into your dog’s regular food, slather it in peanut butter and hope they won’t lick it off, or try to force it down their throats.

Along with safe, palatable ingredients for the treatment of fleas, heartworm, and tapeworm, each Ezybone contains the distinctively delicious flavors of real Australian kangaroo meat. We put real kangaroo meat in every Ezybone so taking their medicine is always a treat for your dog.

Our flea control dog medicine is formulated for small dogs or medium and large dogs. Order yours to protect your furry friend today.

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For the control of Heartworm, Fleas and tapeworm in dogs by a chewable monthly tablet.

Flea control requires treatment of the flea and the dog tapeworm at the same time. HFT uses well proven ingredients in a palatable tablet. Heartworm control is included in these tablets. Very safe combination of ingredients for flea and heartworm control.

Contains the unique flavor of real Aussie kangaroo meat.

Easy to administer – will be readily accepted, – no need to crush into food, your dog will want to take their tablets!

HFT Ezybones give your dog protection from fleas and tapeworms by killing all stages of tapeworm and breaking the flea’s life cycle by preventing the development of eggs and larvae. HFT also protects your dog from heartworm by eradication of the larval stage.

ACTIVE CONSTITUENTS: Ivermectin, Praziquantel, Lufenuron


Treatment should occur regularly at 28-30 day intervals. May be given to pregnant females and stud dogs.

DIRECTIONS: Feed to your dog as a tasty treat once a month

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