Scatt for Birds to Eliminate Mites

Birds chirping are those ornamental moments one would never try avoiding. But with viral infection all around, it has become a pose of challenge for some of the most beautiful birds to survive. Most birds face problems in getting infected due to infection in air sac and sometimes even lose lives due to continuous infection in their air sacks. This hazardous factor comes in with the dangerous mites that infect the birds to death, but fortunately you have a chance to protect them with scatt for birds available at Vetafarm.

Vetafarm being one of the leading providers of medication for animals has been on the list for offering the most safe and effective medicines and drugs for the cure of birds. We at Vetafarm focus on birds which are susceptible to pests and hence have developed high quality scatt for birds which help eliminate air sack mites from birds that suck blood and cause discomfort to birds resulting in severe foot problems and bone disorder.

If your bird is stamping its feet without any reason, be sure that the mite is the cause of the same and it’s time for you to look after the problem without wasting much time. Vetafarm offers medication that helps eliminate air sac mite and scaly mites which are found in air, water and food as well, and transfer to birds through direct contact and finally cause damage to respiratory organs of birds.

Scatt for birds available at Vetafarm are available at the most competent prices and are always processed through a tough verification in order to ensure quality in being effective and highly safe. Usage of scatt is easy and can be made sure from a veterinarian on the dosage and frequency of use.

Limited Quantities: All items are subject to quantities on hand. Bulk orders please call for quantity’s & availability. Thank you!

NOTE: Expiry dates are required by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) on all product/labeling being imported into the USA. Expiry dates are used to keep shelf stock fresh mandating a “sell by date”. These dates are not meant to be a “use by” date. Most “un-opened” pet care supplements and medications remain effective for years after the expiry date on the packaging. With the exception of Vetafarm’s Megabac-S or Probiotic, you can use them till they are gone. * It’s a good idea to refrigerate all opened liquids and store powders in a cool dry place or freezer for long term storage. FYI; Do not keep powders in the refrigerator as they will condensate and the moisture will ruin powdered medications.