Vetafarms Incredible Vitamin Supplements for Pets

You have been taking multivitamins as a part of your regular diet just to stay fit and for health improvement purposes, so do your pets need! Pets can be benefitted by taking supplements that are not always available in the regular diet chart. It becomes a mandatory fundamental of feeding vitamin supplements to pets that doesn’t receive a balanced diet or faces weakness including joint pain and decrement in weight. If you are noticing these symptoms in your pet, then it is time you should look forward to Vetafarm’s vitamin supplements for pets.

Fortunately, the supplements available at Vetafarm work as all-rounder by nourishing the skin and conditioning the hair coat, strengthening joints and bones, improving the digestion process with quick recovery of those organs which have been affected by diseases. Our vitamin supplements are rich in fatty acids which keep the skin moisturized in order to improve the skin and hair coat which is the primary step to avoiding diseases in your pets.

Vetafarm’s vitamin supplements for pets are formulated with a good amount of antioxidants which help fight almost all diseases by immunizing the body and are great to be used for conditions like anxiety relief, allergy aid, heart, digestion and dental care, raising immunity, strengthening bones and nervous system and weight management. Our supplements are naturally blended with exact amount of vitamin and ingredients to process the quality that increases the efficiency of improving pets’ health and recovery power.

Vetafarm’s vitamin supplements for pets are tested by experts who confirm the standard of vitamin included in the supplements and are analyzed for any slip. Accuracy in the supplements and ingredients composed helps you maintain a good health of your pets.

Limited Quantities: All items are subject to quantities on hand. Bulk orders please call for quantity’s & availability. Thank you!

NOTE: Expiry dates are required by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) on all product/labeling being imported into the USA. Expiry dates are used to keep shelf stock fresh mandating a “sell by date”. These dates are not meant to be a “use by” date. Most “un-opened” pet care supplements and medications remain effective for years after the expiry date on the packaging. With the exception of Vetafarm’s Megabac-S or Probiotic, you can use them till they are gone. * It’s a good idea to refrigerate all opened liquids and store powders in a cool dry place or freezer for long term storage. FYI; Do not keep powders in the refrigerator as they will condensate and the moisture will ruin powdered medications.